"I love my lessons with Tahela. I started learning Estonian as a complete beginner and have found their one on one tuition to be an easy and fun way to develop my language skills. Learning Estonian can seem difficult and daunting at first but Riina is able to gradually reveal the grammatical intricacies of the language in a way that makes it accessible and interesting whilst teaching everyday language skills and giving confidence to use Estonian outside the classroom."
Jacob, UK
"I learned Estonian with my teacher Riina for four years. She is a true professional who is able to explain the Estonian language in a very logical and clear way and motivate the students. Her classes were always engaging and interactive, full of fun games and interesting discussions that helped me to improve my language skills. Before I knew little about Estonia – now I speak the language and live in Tallinn."
Zhenia, Ukraine
"I started learning Estonian with Tahela nine months ago and really enjoy my lessons since they are very engaging and communicative. The sessions with my tutor Riina are clear and structured to allow me to quickly progress but without feeling pressured or out of my depth. Riina is a teacher who can get her students to speak in Estonian regardless of their level."
Altynai, Canada